Miss Poem Sweetthings

Sweetthings collection designed by Miss Poem for people who stand firm to live happy and chirpy addresses to a wide range of customers with its cute and pleasant touches.

Miss Poem Just Black

Black, which is the irreplaceable color of the night, is the primary color of the Just Black collection. Dresses from shiny fabrics, mini-jackets, tights, inlaid T-shirts, shorts and pants for special days such as invitations, parties, New Year’s Day activities, feasts, birthday parties and graduations show the rich variety and difference of the collections.

Miss Poem Accessories

Miss Poem Accessories collection is designed for those who takes care of details while dressing and want to be attractive also with their accessories, and it provides colorful alternatives for those who do not abandon elegancy while closely following the trends.

Miss Poem Denim


Miss Poem Denim which brings the indispensable attractiveness of denim together with the independent soul of Miss Poem, shows the sportive and different aspect of the brand. Miss Poem Denim, which closely follows the trends and offers innovative styles, appends its signature under ambitious designs which are highly appreciated in Jeans market.


Trousers, coats, vests, skirts, shirts, shorts and dresses which have a sportive view as well as reflect the Street fashion are manufactured carefully and realised to market in line with customer satisfaction principle.


Miss Poem Denim, which offers striking designs, authentic colour pallet and innovative details together, exhibits the success of Miss Poem in denim area with its rich collection and extraordinary style.

Misspoem Bussiness
Miss Poem Casual

Miss Poem Casual collection became a focus of interest for fashion enthusiasts who want to combine the fashion with comfort.

Miss Poem Basics

Miss Poem Basics group is the essential sub-brand of Miss Poem, which presents constantly updated products upon fashion, trends and client requests and wide range of products.